Further Information

Please feel free to view our website. We hope it provides you with all the information you require. If you have any questions and want to contact us then visit out South East Contacts page and we will respond promptly.

We run well organised friendly events including road sportives and MTB events, which are suitable for riders of all ages and abilities. We are known and pride ourselves on organising quality innovative events, where the rider can concentrate on enjoying their riding as all the details have been taken care of for them.

South East Cycling Team


South East Region

Welcome to the South East Region Website and its members for whom this website has been primarily designed. The aim of this website is two-fold.

Firstly, it is an aid and communication tool for our members to inform them of local events, latest news, results, and contacts, etc.

Secondly, it is a way of informing members of the public about competitive cycling within our region so that anyone with an interest in cycling can view this site and have access to lots of useful information and details of local events as well as local cycling clubs.

What does South East Region have to offer?

  • Over 249 clubs to choose from
  • A full years racing program for all abilities at senior level
  • Coaching and Development
  • Go-Ride accredited clubs
  • Woman's racing
  • Youth and Junior racing

As well Road racing and Time Trials, South East Region has a varied program of events for Cycle Speedway, Cyclo-Cross, Reliability/Sportive rides, MTB and BMX racing. More information regarding these events can be found throughout this website.

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British Cycling

British Cycling is the internationally recognised Governing Body in Britain for all cycle sport in BMX, Cycle Speedway, Cyclo-Cross, Mountain Bike, Road and Track.

British Cycling recognises 10 key Regions within England plus Wales and Scotland. In 2006, the Competition Review Framework was introduced and a Members' Region became defined by where you live as opposed to the Region of your Club.

South East Region is one of the 10 Regions within England and covers the counties of Kent, Surrey and E & W Sussex as well as South London.

Ladies Racing

To race in the South East region (or other Regions for that matter), you will need to be a member of British Cycling and either have a day or full racing licence membership as well.

Membership to British Cycling offers more than just the ability to race, it also offers you discounts on well known named high street brands as well as superb third party insurance and legal cover.

More details can be found on our BC Membership page.